1. Hats and scarves. Direct attention to your face by wearing  a hat or a scarf. This technique makes you look taller by balancing out your upper and lower body. Try matching the colours of your accessories to your eyes. This will direct even more attention to your face.

Tip: If you have blue eyes, try wearing a blue scarf or hat.

2. Match your colours. Avoid wearing too many different colours as this splits a person’s body into individual segments., making a person look shorter. Instead, match the colours of your accessories to your outfit for a more complete look. This includes matching your socks with your pants, when your socks are clearly visible.

Tip: When wearing a black suit, pair it with a black belt and scarf.

3. Short jackets or cardigans. Avoid wearing long jackets and cardigans altogether. Short tops make your upper body look shorter and your lower body longer, creating the illusion of height. Therefore, you want your tops to fall just above your bottom.

Tip: When shopping for a suit,  look for one with a short jacket that falls just below your hips.

4. Slim belts. Belts make your lower body look longer and more defined by tightening your dresses, pants, or skirts at the waist. Skinny belts offer the best results, anything big or bulky will make your frame look smaller and shorter in comparison.

Tip: if you are concerned about wearing a dress that is loose around the middle, tighten it at the waist with a slim fitted belt.

5. The higher the better. Wearing accessories higher up, encourages an observing eye to move up from your feet toward your head, causing the eye to take in more height. Therefore, you should always consider wearing a pocket square or bright tie to add detail to a suit. When opting for a more causal look, try wearing casual shirts with epaulets and an upper pocket.

6. The right shoes.  When shopping for shoes give preference to shoes with high heels. In case you find high heels uncomfortable you can instead opt for sandals or nude-colored shoes that blend into your feet and legs. Boots that are knee-high may also work to stretch out your frame.