7 Ways To Grow Taller Before Reaching Adulthood

As many of might already know, our height is mostly determined by our genetics. This means our bodies inherent certain limitations which are affected by our families genes. Feel free to read more about the importance of genetics on growing taller here.

Although we cannot change our genetics, we can to some degree affect other factors that determine our ability to grow taller. Our goal here is to reach our full potential height by exercising as many of these techniques as regularly as possible, for as long as possible before reaching adulthood, which for many of us is around the early twenties. At that point our growth plates close and we stop growing any taller altogether.

Here are seven ways to grow taller before reaching adulthood:

1. Get plenty of sleep

2. Nutrition

3. Keep your immune system strong

4. Exercise your body

5. Avoid growth-stunting factors

6. Good posture

7. Visit a medical professional