Pants And Skirts

1. Flared pants. As opposed to a straight leg design, consider a flared design which draws more attention to the bottom half of the leg, making your legs look longer. Avoid wearing jeans that drag on the floor as they can make you look shorter instead.

2. High-waist fitted dresses. Fitted dresses that are tight at the waist, right above the hips, is the way to go. Dresses with such a design lengthen your frame as they make your body look well proportioned. On the other hand long and loose dresses tend to draw more attention to your height.

3. High waist pants or skirts. When shopping for trousers, pants or skirts prioritize the ones that are worn at the waist. This lengthens your frame as opposed to bottoms which are worn below the hip. A higher waist stretches out your overall figure by helping make your legs look longer.

4. The right length. It may be difficult to find pants with the right length from waist to ankle for the perfect fit. However, this is essential if you want to look taller. Baggy legs tend to draw more attention to a shorter frame so it is important to prioritize pants with legs of the exact length. Worst case scenario you can always have a tailor cuff the legs of a pair you already own. Perhaps you have a relative or a friend who can assist you in case you decide to do it yourself.

Generally, baggy pants are unfashionable and do not compliment a person with a short stature. Therefore, it is also important to avoid pants that droop around the crotch as they make you look shorter. If you already own pants designed in such a fashion, have them tailored or abstain from wearing them altogether.