Pick The Right Shirt

1. Fitted. Avoid wearing bulky looking shirts as they will hide your figure and make you look smaller and shorter. Instead opt for shirts that are slightly tighter and more fitted to your body in order to lengthen your frame.

Tip: In winter try to avoid wearing big sweaters.

2. Slimmer sleeves.  A great option if your arms tend to press tightly against your body. Slimmer sleeves will make you look taller as they help separate your arms from your body. This small adjustment will elongate your entire frame.

Tip: When shopping for a suit opt for a fitted jacket that is tight around the sleeves.

3. Tuck in. Making your legs look longer and your torso look shorter will help you look taller. Therefore, to lengthen your frame you should tuck in your shirts. This method is especially effective when wearing high-waist trousers.

Tip: Always tuck in your shirt if you want a more professional look when wearing a dress shirt and dress pants to work, it will lengthen your frame.

4. V-necks. Try to prioritize picking v-necks over any anything else. This particular design stretches your frame and adds height to your overall look.

Tip: To maximize your frame combine a v-neck t-shirt with flared, high-waist jeans. When wearing a buttoned down shirt without a tie, try leaving a few buttons undone at the collar, and fold the corners over to create a v-neck.